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The Maple Burl 7.5" bowl has a light gain swirl with two small voids on the side. The edge is smooth and the sides have two distinct burls.  This bow sits on a small 1/4 inch pedistal. 


Opening 7"

Width 7.5"

Height 6.25"


This bowl was carefully handcrafted by artisan Esteban Nava from his studio in Westchester, New York.  Teamed with Mother Nature, Nava uses sustainable wood from New York to create masterpieces of art that are not only beautiful but functional as well. Navas’ craft breathes a second life into a tree with a long past. Each void, knot or live edge makes every bowl unique. The Nava bowl is not just a gift, it is an heirloom.  

Maple Burl Bowl- Handcrafted

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